We offer a variety of programs here at BTSR!

Aquatics, Handicrafts, NATECO, Shooting Sports, Corrals, ScoutSkills, SCUBA, Trail to Eagle


Aquatics- everything pool related! From Swimming to Lifesaving! Even Adult trainings for water areas

Handicrafts- all the crafts merit badges. Basketry, Leatherwork, Pottery, Wood Carving!

NATECO- nature and ecology. Nature, Weather, Geology and more!

Shooting Sports- If it goes BANG! or TWANG! its here! Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, and Archery! 

Corrals- If your scouts like animals they will be at home here! Corrals is home to our horse herd and the location for Horsmanship. Your scouts will also get requirements completed for Animal Science and Vet Med.

Scout Skills- Outdoor Skills that every Scout should know. Camping, First Aid, E-Prep, Wilderness Survival!

SCUBA- Learning to dive at Balmorhea State Park

Trail to Eagle- Our First Year Camper program. This program is designed to help your newly troop level scout cross-off requirements for rank advencements

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