Experience the most of our Ranch with this back country adventure!


Riders travel each day down scenic rugged trails, through rocky canyons, up and across rhyolitic mountains while frequenting a number of notable landmarks, vistas and spring-fed swimming holes as they travel to each night's encampment. Expect a full day in the saddle while on our mountain trained horses or sure-footed mules. Cavalcade covers close to 30 miles of trail!


Each Cavalcade is guided by 2 of our experienced Wranglers. Cavalcade can take up to 8 participants at a time. 2 adults minimum and 1 of them must be Wilderness First Aid Certified. All riders must way less than 225 lbs dressed to ride. Horseback riding experience is a must. At least equivalent to the horsemanship Merit Badge.


Registration for Summer weeks opens April 1st

If you are interested in any dates that are not listed please contact the Buffalo Trail Council office at 432-570-7601